It’s been previously demonstrated the dangerous geographical strategies which the government of the United States has developed through biological laboratories around the globe. With the exception of Australia, the White House is running research centres for bacteria and viruses in the five continents. This bring to mind the current state of affairs concerning Russian borders, and the accusations made by the Kremlin against laboratories of this sort installed in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakstan (all of them former Soviet Union Republics) by the US.¹

Nevertheless, the present article does not mean to dig into the global threat these laboratories represent in general. On the contrary, it centres it focus over an specific project which seems to lack enough public forum, perhaps in complicity with major news media. What it is concerned in this article is the Pentagon’s geopolitical projections to control the Amazonia, for which Brazil and Colombia come as main neuralgic centres.

History tell us that the US do nothing without a clearly identifiable interest. In this sense, what is believed to be a military cooperation between Washington and Bogota to fight drug-trafficking, contains a hard-to-grasp background.² For instance, the existence of seven military bases in both; the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts of Colombia are examples of these geopolitical strategies in Latin America. It only takes a look over the geographical distribution of these bases to realise they aren’t sorted naively by chance. On the contrary, the given positions of these military bases enables US to control without supervision³ (given the hierarchical structure among nations). This unsupervised presence allows US to establish strategic control over the entire Colombian territory and its borders, which enables simultaneously the possibility to take over Venezuelan resources,⁴ particularly the water sources in the vicinity of the Amazon with aims to build these already mentioned biological laboratories.

In fact, it’s been reported that under the excuse of the war on drugs, US tested biological weapons in the Colombian territory. During the so-called Plan Colombia the Pentagon assured loyalty to the corrupted elites from Bogota. Additionally, US introduced hazardous substances, such as the Fungus Fusarium which is considered an active biological warfare agent which effects are irreversible.⁵ The Fusarium was used to eradicate illicit Coca plantations, but also polluted land dedicated to agriculture as a collateral damage. It was only after persistent demands from the campesinos and activists that the pesticide use was discontinued, but when it had already caused an enormous damage to the Colombian environment. Now in the age of the Trump, whose narrow vision of the world is based on irrational irresponsibility and mediatic circus, the use of glyphosate and other chemical agents are placed in line to be re-activated. According to the American microbiologist Jeremy Bigwood, the fungus Fusarium is a biochemical agent that kills the organisms it penetrates through the toxins it produces. This variety known as the green agent can be lethal even for humans. Indeed, some historical documents prove that campesinos died after the ingestion of bread contaminated with the micro-herbicide.⁶

Now, it is appropriate to ask what happens inside these military bases in Colombian territory? After the Constitutional Court prohibited the use of glyphosate for the eradication of illicit crops because it is considered a dangerous and harmful agent,⁷ is it still necessary to have the presence of the US military? The answer is clearly not, but the fact that Trump’s administration has maintained the troops in Colombia shows that a plan of aggression is under way. The recurring entry and exit of aircraft to military bases is a disturbing matter since it means a clear and effective infringement on national sovereignty, but elites from Bogota want to present it as an agreement of mutual understanding. The reality is that, within these operation centres, the Pentagon has been developing biochemical weapons with which it hopes to keep the entire population of Latin America under control.

In other words, the presence of the US military is not only prepared to monitor activities related to drug trafficking, but also to the production of biological weapons that will be used at the slightest sign of opposition to the plans of imperialism. The secrecy with which the subject is handled and the impossibility of entering certain points of the national geography considered sensitive for the United States government, show that a plan for the passive conquest of the territory is being forged.

One of these military bases is located in Caquetá, department bordering the Amazon river that, not surprisingly, is one of the main sources of drinking water in the world and one of the richest biosphere reserves of the planet. So, the geopolitical plan of the US is clearly to take control over this strategic point under the pretext of protection of the environment and the maintenance of security. For such, in the coming months, the Trump administration will press for the reactivation of the aerial eradication of illicit crops through the implementation of viruses and bacteria that are developed in the above mentioned laboratories located in the Colombian-Brazilian Amazon. From there a silent but effective biological war will take place, to allow the US to continue with its military deployment.⁸

The ultimate goal of the Pentagon's geopolitical ambition is to rise a flag on the lungs of the planet to manipulate at will the future of humanity.

The sustenance of what has been said above is the AmazonLog 17; which is a joint operation led by the Brazilian army and inspired by a similar activity carried out by NATO in Hungary in 2015, in which Brazil participated as an observer. The mission that took place in May 2017 in the tripartite Amazonian border (Brazil-Colombia-Peru) had nothing more or less than the logistical support of the US Army. According to the BBC, the operation takes place within the framework of new agreements between the Armed Forces of Brasilia and Washington that aim to re-approximate and tighten the military relations of the two countries.⁹ But even more worrying were the statements of the US embassy that said there are – other agreements under discussion, including logistical support, testing and evaluation in science and technology and scientific exchanges. – It is impossible to be more obvious.

To make matters worse, the Brazilian army denied at the time that the operation would serve as a seed for a possible multinational basis as in the Hungarian case. However, some time ago (it is believed that between November 6 and 13, 2017), an international logistic base was inaugurated whose fundamental purpose is humanitarian assistance.¹⁰ Operation AmazonLog 17 will be based on the cities of Tabatinga (Brazil), Leticia (Colombia) and Santa Rosa (Peru), which share the tripartite Amazonian border. The plans of the United States can not be clearer, adding the unjust and manipulated impeachment against the president Dilma Rousseff, placing in a corrupt successor the likes of Michael Temer, an unprecedented partner in Brazil who is giving consent to the masterplan of the US in the region. In fact, Temer has already delivered to the Pentagon the military base of Alcántara located in the north of the country, from where the US military will have an operations command unparalleled for territorial control and testing of its viruses and bacteria.¹¹ It is at this point that the consequences of the turn to the right that the Latin American continent is experiencing begins to show.

As It has been historically proven humanitarian reasons do not exist for the US government.

Or maybe they do, but they work the other way around, that is, interventions are justified, but to the detriment of humanity. Support for cruel dictatorships and the systematic violation of human rights by the US military are just some examples of humanitarian aid offered by the US. The project AmazonLog 17 is clearly a geopolitical strategic deployment in which, with the complicity of servile and ignorant governments, the Pentagon works to open laboratories dedicated to de-stabilise the region with the production of social crises that serve to mitigate the growth of the local population in favour of the ever-growing transnational drug-monopoly that threatens the future and happiness of Latin America, or as US media likes to call it: another humanitarian crisis, where they can enter as unsolicitised heroes, while actually invading and stealing the land and resources of other states.

A geopolitical agenda in the Amazonia

Prensa Rural — January 17th, 2018
Rodrigo Bernardo Ortega

Originally titled: Plan de Estados Unidos en la Amazonía: Crear Laboratorios Biológicos con Fines Militares.


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