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Sophie le Roux visits neglected corners of cities and landscapes to find the unfamiliar in the mundane and the charisma in its decay.

She finds individuality is found where it is least supposed to be – in the margins and epilogues of the endless urban narrative. 


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Ismael Ogando is the editor for this platform. Ogando studied visual arts and psychology at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. Lives in Berlin since 2012 and is also a concept artist who works as archivist and journalist.

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Alice Jones is a British Jamaican artist from London. Now living in Berlin – Jones draws from both an European tradition and the traditions of black and Caribbean diasporas – negotiating lost histories, imposed histories and the resulting displacement of her own racial and gender identity. Through painting, photographic collage and mono-printing Jones explores the concept of ‘Zusammensetzung’ – the creation of new meaning through collocation - reconfiguring language and her material surroundings to depict contradictions both social and personal. Currently Jones contributes as an illustrator to gal-dem magazine and as a photographer to GROUND Magazine.


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Hi, my name is Ya YaI was born in Donetsk, graduate from the Moscow State University. In the last two years I have been doing mobile photography, with a regular set of themes; it means repeat and self-repeat which are framed by the obsessivecompulsive lifestyle in megapolies like Moscow. 

Also I continue to develop the topic of the impact of Social Tech on people in megacities through psychological and philosophical perspectives, particularly fixing and analyzing the transformation of  bodies and its position in relation to public spaces.


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Charlotte Seebeck, I'm a props and projects maker, pigment lover, city dweller, water-site seeker and wild knowledge picker. Sometimes I'm a golden fox that has a thing for silicon, sometimes I'm professor Fox who has a thing for golden species. I have lived and studied in the German Nowhere and London, atm I enjoy the pace of Berlin living and collaborating a lot with many different artists and thinkers.

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Suki Choy


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JC Gonzo takes investigative excursions researching, documenting, and re-contextualizing localized sub- and counter-cultural histories as form of meta-anthropology. He is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and works as a freelance writer, designer, and event organizer.