Mind-Control is a big part of the conspiracies going around. But, on the flip-side, have ever you thought about taking control of your mind for good? As we head deeper into the 21st century the mind is the new frontier — and from a military standpoint the new battleground — as governmental-military-corporate organisations become enmeshed with each other to push the same artificial intelligence (AI) driven agenda. Research is feverishly underway with the aim of completely understanding and decoding the brain, with the idea that such an understanding will lead to many useful benefits, such as governments being better able to control their citizens without the use of force, and military bodies being able to defeat their enemies without firing a single shot. Do you realise you and your mind are being targeted? And, on the other hand, do you realise you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your potential, including lifting yourself out of poverty, creating deep and strong relationships, and/or fulfilling your goals?

Mind-Control is a term with broad and specific meanings: In the broad sense, it refers to the widespread propaganda and opinion-programming (mostly doled out by the mainstream media) that aims at the people by limiting their perception of who the are and what is real. The idea of this broad mind-control is always to manipulate and disempower the individual, so that his/her attitudes and behaviour come into alignment with what the agencies want. It is said that US citizens are the most propagandised people on the planet.

In the narrow or specific sense, mind-control refers to the projects started by scientists from the German Schutzstaffel (SS), which were continued by the CIA that sought to influence and control people's minds to the point where they would become practically programmable robots. This would include doing whatever they were told and in some cases not even remembering it, because the programming involved splitting up the person's mind into different personalities which were tightly compartmentalised in their psyche through this same process. Each personality had no idea of the existence or actions of the other. A handler would then use triggers to activate a particular personality and bring it to the forefront, in order to get the conditioned victim to perform a programmed action. In this way, programmed performers were created and used for assassination plots. The CIA's notorious MK Ultra began in 1953. It is registered that it was ended in 1973. When it was later declassified, the general public came to learn about the existence of 149 sub-projects developed inside this umbrella at the CIA by former SS officials, the likes of Klaus Barbie.

Neuralink, BMI, Nanochips, Neuro-enhancement?

These devices are the result of overt neuroscientific research, and when it comes to expose a conspiracy, there's always one thing which is told and another thing which is what you see is happening. Covert neuroscience research is even more shocking. Former CIA officer turned whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, an engineer who built many of these systems, has for years exposed numerous covert ongoing mind-control praxes. He confessed that he worked on the V2K (Voice to Skull) Voice of God device, which had four different methods to pipe voices into people's inner monologues. This was used in the Iraq war against the Iraqi soldiers. He revealed how dreams can be hacked to make individuals confess. He also exposed how remote mind reading, synthetic telepathy, cybernetic hive mind experimentation (multiple people sharing the same mental space), the existence and use of a technology for remotely cloning or copying thoughts, emotions and other states of mind (e.g. intense pain, depression) onto targeted Individuals (TI) are being constantly developed and weaponised by private and governmental entities from the United States. Dr. Duncan also sustains that people can be tracked and targeted remotely through their online traces or online print. TI then experience a sort of harassment, and are bombed with advertisement that shape their will and push them to buy things.

More and more people are blowing the whistle about how they are being targeted via electronic harassment and stalking. These TI are triggered to experience controlled emotions which direct their thoughts, which make them cease to be their own.

In a nutshell, the overall point is this: control someone's mind, control their perception and control their reality, because perception creates reality. Mind-control has turned from a tool of a very few scientists and corporative marketing researchers, into a way of influence exploited by everyone; from Youtubers to Instagramers alike.

So that's the bad news — and it is better to be aware of it, than just hoping it will all go away. Because far from going away, the praxis of influencing is instead spreading wide. So what can you do in the face of all of that mayhem? Would you take the steps to shift from having your mind controlled to controlling your own mind? After all, if you don't control yourself, eventually someone outside of you will take control of you; likewise, if you don't master your mind, someone else will profit from it.

But here's the good news: Controlling your mind is a choice. You have the power to expand your consciousness and use the untapped potential of your own brain — intentionally, for your own good. You can learn to harness the amazing capacity of your psyche and emotions to create the life you want to have. How? There is ancient knowledge, wisdom and a host of techniques which explain how to do this. The theme of controlling your mind has many facets, however in this article, for the sake of brevity, I will touch on just a couple. Firstly, there is the nature of the mind itself, spewing out thought after thought non-stop. Many spiritual traditions emphasise the importance of meditation, inner silence and full immersion in the now/present moment. This is training to reign in the so-called monkey mind so that you control it, rather than allowing it to take control of you.

Secondly, there is a formula for creating or manifesting your thoughts into reality. The formula is intention + emotion = creation. Like any piece of knowledge or technology, it is beyond moral constraints; it can be used for doing good as well as to do bad. If you use it for your own spiritual development it is good; but if you use it for profiting and/or enslaving others it's a felony.

The idea is to get clear what you want, release any negative thought around it (for example: thinking it's impossible, or unworthy, etc.), make it specific and achievable, then focus on the less harmful ways to achieve it. Then, put your emotions into it: imagine feeling grateful for whatever it is. Imagine the feeling of already having it. Turn this imagining into a conviction that you know what you want to create already exists. This kind of magic power lies within every and each human being in this planet, regardless of race, gender, religion or social class. And, it does not at all have to be limited to material things. Perhaps you wish to exercise your psychic power on manifesting material things first, but you may find later that it is more fulfilling to create and manifest intangible things, such as loving relationships with your children, parents, romantic partners, relatives and friends, or more metaphysical experiences such as having more love, harmony, time and fun in your life. The sky is the limit to what you can manifest! Apply these principles in your life by mastering your own mind and observe what happens. Use the power of your emotions to supercharge your vision. You don't need to focus on what the influencers are doing; being aware of it is enough, they are just after attention anyways; so focus instead on what you can do to control and expand your own mind's potential, for that is where your true power lies. The power of your will and consciousness is stronger than any mind-control device.


Controlling your mind is the key: Control yourself or someone else will control you; control your mind or someone else will use it for profiting in some way. The agenda of mainly US private sectors, like Silicon Valley, Bayer-Monsanto or the corporate media, is to narrow the allowable, acceptable and ultimately possible range of human will, so that it becomes legal to make imperative what private agencies want you to think, do or even eat. However, humanity is 7.8 billion strong. A relative handful of influencers cannot control your mind unless you willingly acquiesce and give your consent away easily: think critically and question everything always.

Always read from more than comfortable sources, check the origin and funding of every information source you read, learn to discriminate the given information's context before making conclusions — many headlines in the news are financed by private sources, in more than a single way. Always check the facts! Don't rely on those influencers and their click-baits. And remember that in a postmodern society everything is like a game. You only need to learn what the rules are and follow them, that way you will be able to take back your mind and perceptual sovereignty to rise above the so-called mind-control. Only this way you will be able to achieve absolute individual autonomy.


Mind-control or controling yourself, what to choose?

Makia Freeman — November 17, 2019


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